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Ready to launch your
geoNFT for Free?

Lost Worlds combines geo-location with blockchain technology to bring NFTs into the real world.

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Artists & Creators

Whether it is a one of one, or one of many, artist can now use location as a new form of scarcity and artistic expression.

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How does the Launchpad work?

Enter Launchpad

The Launchpad contains a step-by-step guide to create your own location based NFT drop


Upload NFT

Simply upload your files & fill out the information - our platform will take care of the rest for you


Launch Project

After submitting your project, it will be reviewed & then launched on the Lost Worlds platform 

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How can someone
purchase my  NFT?
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Visit the App

Visit the Lost Worlds website or scan a QR code to seamlessly access the app

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Find the NFT

Travel to the NFT drop zone on the map to unlock the ability to buy it

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Buy the NFT using any mobile crypto wallet supporting Avalanche 

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