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Power your 
with NFTs

Companies use Lost Worlds to provide exclusive NFTs for their on-site customers.

Tools that help you build on-site NFT experiences.

We're giving businesses a way to sell their customers NFTs during their in-store & on-site visits. No code required.

On Site 

NFT Storefront

Sell NFTs directly at your location with an NFT Storefront. Our platform supports all the technical aspects of creating & selling NFTs.

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Custom Branded

NFT Experiences

Fully customize your NFT Storefront with personal touches, giving your experience the look and feel of your brand.

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Location Gated

NFT Access

Reward your customers with exclusive access to NFTs, which are only available to purchase by being on-site of your event or business.

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Fully Immersive

Customer Experience

Offer your customers an end-to-end experience. Scan a QR code to enter one place to seamlessly buy, view, and sell their NFTs

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On-site NFTs for every business type and size.

Artists & Galleries

Artists & Galleries can now accompany their artwork with NFTs representing proof-of-attendance or certificates of authenticity.

Concerts & Events

Concerts & Events can offer their communities exclusive NFTs, which can be used as tickets, collectibles, or vouchers for merchandise.

Restaurants & Retailers

Restaurants & Retailers can leverage NFTs for exclusive discounts, store memberships, and fun digital collectibles.

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Pick the plan for you.

Start wherever you are with your businesses journey to web3 and we’ll help you succeed. No hidden fees.


For businesses looking for a simple and hands-off plan. 


Using our beta

Per transaction:

10% fee


  • 1 location for your NFT drop

  • 1 on-site NFT

  • No code required 


For businesses who want a more customizable & hands-on plan.


Per location

Per transaction:

5% fee

Includes Free plan and:

  • Hands-on Account Manager

  • Custom Branded Experience

  • Up to 3 locations

  • Up to 3 different on-site NFTs


For businesses who also need an NFT artwork or custom features.

Custom Pricing

One time payment

Per transaction:

Custom rates available when you contact sales.

Includes Plus plan and access to team of NFT design specialists:

  • NFT Design Services

  • Custom Built Features

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How can someone
purchase my  NFT?
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Visit the App

Visit the Lost Worlds website
or scan a QR code to seamlessly access your NFT

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Find the NFT

Enter the NFT drop zone on the map to gain access to purchase it

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Buy the NFT using any mobile crypto wallet supporting Avalanche 

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Enter Web3 with Lost Worlds.

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